Monday, January 13, 2014


This photo was taken in Cancun, Mexico. The sun is reflecting on to part of the building, making it a focal point. It is in the bottom corner of the picture so it doesn't obstruct the scenery.

This picture of a lawn chair was also taken in Mexico. I think it's really cool how most of the picture is blurry, except the part to the left. It draws a viewers eye straight there, instead of being drawn to an obvious subject in the middle of the shot. 
This is a picture I took of the Mayan Ruins. I think the off-centered angle makes the shot more interesting. Also, the subject isn't directly in the middle of the shot.
I took this picture at the lake. I like how it gives sort of a birds-eye view. Also, the pier is placed to the right of the frame, and appears much smaller since it's in the distance.
This is a picture I took of a plant. I like how the plant takes up the whole frame, but the viewers eyes are drawn to the middle of the plant, which isn't in the center of the shot.