Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Road Section 161-184



I found that the idea of having no identity is repeated throughout this section. On page 162, Ely asks the man and the boy what they are. Then, McCarthy writes, “They’d no way to answer the question”. Later on page 172 the old man says, “I’m not anything”. This idea is emphasized so readers understand that identity and personal things are gone in a world of nothing.


Contrast: On page 175, we see the man thinking, “I am going to die...”. And then on page 177 he says to his son, “Don’t lose heart…”. The man is telling his son to stay positive when really he can’t do the same. This contrast of emotions is important because it shows the strength the man has to have for his son. Also, without his child he would have no reason to keep going.




What does the old man mean by saying, “Where men can’t live gods fare no better”?


Why does he refer to a “jungle of Kudzu”? (pg. 177)

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