Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Road Section 136-160


                In this section, the idea of outer space is presented and repeated. On page 153 it says, “Maybe he understood for the first time that to the boy he was himself and alien. A being from another planet that no longer existed”. Later on page 157 the topic is brought up again: “Could they fly to Mars or someplace? ‘No, they couldn’t”. I found this idea very interesting and thought that McCarthy used it to express the drastic change in the world. The boy and his father come from two completely different worlds and that’s an important factor in this book. When he asks his father about Mars, it shows his true desperation for his father to confirm that the hell they’re living in is not the only thing in the universe.


                On page 139, the food and supplies they found is described as, “The richness of a vanished world”. Then, on page 154 it says, “Even now some part of him wished they’d never found this refuge”. They had been searching for “richness” like this for a very long time and when they finally found it, the man regrets it. I think this shows that the fire inside the man is dying and he knows that something good cannot last long in a world like this.


Questions: On page 136, what does it mean when it says, “…he very much feared that something was gone that could not be put right again”?

Is the man dreaming on page 141 when it says, “You could wake in the dark wet woods at any time”? If so, why does he refer to the woods?

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