Friday, December 6, 2013

Section 231-259 The Road

“I can smell it.’ ‘What does it smell like?’ ‘Wet ashes. Come on.” (Pages 231-232)
“They went on in the perfect blackness, sightless as the blind.” (Page 234)
“He bent over, holding his knees. Taste of blood.” (237)
In this section, I noticed repetition of the 5 senses. When there’s nothing left in the world, all you have to rely on are your senses. Here, the man’s senses are clearly foreshadowing a bad ending and I think that’s very important to recognize.
              “Hold this,’ he said. ‘Is it okay, Papa?” (Page 232)
                “Can I look at it?’ Sure you can.” (Page 241)
In the first quote, the boy is hesitant when his father asks him to hold the pistol. Later, this hesitation changes when his father brings back the firepistol. Even though it looks very similar to a gun, the boy is very interested in it and even asks to hold it. I think this shows how the boy is slowly changing and becoming more comfortable with the idea of protecting himself.
On page 249, it describes the father waking up and saying “yes” to the boy. Why is he saying yes? What does it mean? Is the boy asleep?
On page 259, why does the boy think he’s the one who has to worry about everything?

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