Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Section 185-210



            Throughout this section, the father stares at his son. On page 192 it says, “He watched him lick the lid of the tin. With great care”. And on page 205 it says, “He took the bottle from the side pocket of his parka and screwed off the top and watched the boy drink”. I think the father repeatedly watches his son to remind himself of why he needs to keep going. The strength his son gives him is very powerful.




            In the beginning of the section, it seems that the father is starting to lose his physical strength: “He was coughing every step of it” (92). But then on page 202 it says, “In two more they would begin to get weak”. I don’t think the father wants to believe that he is losing his strength to go on. He wants to believe that there’s still a chance for them to avoid sickness and defeat.




On page 196, is the father talking to himself? Who does he mean by fathers?


On page 210, what is the thing the boy is talking about? Why can’t death undo it?

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