Monday, September 30, 2013

Still shot- Minority Report

This shot is a long shot because it shows Anderton and all of his surroundings. It is neither a high  angle or low angle shot. It's in the third person point of view. Anderton is small in this shot while watching himself kill someone. He is small because at this point in time he feels powerless against the accusations of pre crime. Also, the screen on the left side is the biggest object in the shot, showing the power of technology. It is also the most important object in the shot because its on the left side and viewers watch from left to right.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Oedipus/ Minority Report Questions

1. Oedipus is definitely responsible for his own tragic fate. The curse was unknown by many, including Oedipus, and could have stayed that way if he hadn't brought it to attention. These evident mistakes are caused not only by the power given him, but also the complete dependency of his people. We see the control get to Oedipus's head when he forces the people of Thebes to give him information regarding the murder of Laius. But once he received the feedback he had been demanding for, Oedipus completely shut it down: "Tiresias: You are the curse, the corruption of the land!' Oedipus: 'You, shameless- aren't you appalled to start up such a story?'(603-605). He becomes unable to see any other perspective but his own, which only helped reveal the curse. When Jocasta starts to piece together Oedipus's true fate, she tries to keep him from it. However, he is too stubborn and arrogant to listen to her or accept her protection: "Oedipus: Listen to you? No more. I must know it all, must see the truth at last.' Jocasta: 'No, please- for your sake- I want the best for you!" (1168-1171). Oedipus makes the fatal mistake of letting the power he received destroy his intelligence. It took away any rational, sensible thoughts he should've possessed as a leader. Thinking so highly of himself, he refused any advice from those around him. He became blind to his own reality which eventually brought the curse to life.

2. In my opinion, Oedipus fails as a king. It may seem that he was very concerned about the well-being of his people, but I think he saw saving everyone as an opportunity to gain more fame and power. We see this love of control in him when he makes dramatic speeches promising to destroy the terror that has made it's way into their lives. He never does anything on his own and relies on others to bring information/ideas to him. Also, he completely disregards anything his people have to say if he does not agree. For example, he ignores the chorus when they suggest that killing Creon would be a mistake. His final decision to let Creon go was based on his change of heart, not the opinion of his people. The one noble trait that Oedipus possessed was determination. Despite any negative motives, he never gave up on searching for Laius's murderer.

3. The major mistake that brought Oedipus to such disgrace was his attempt to live a life he was not made for. Towards the beginning, Oedipus portrays himself as a fearless, invincible king. The people of Thebes are fully convinced that all the power should be in Oedipus's hands. This only adds to his confidence that grows immensely throughout the story. At one point he believes that he is an even higher power than the Gods. This absurd mind-set is quickly diminished when things start to go wrong for Oedipus. He breaks down as soon as he finds out that his true fate is far from being the ruler of Thebes. True colors were shown after this once unstoppable leader becomes easily mortified by his actual identity. Unable to face anyone, Oedipus goes to the extreme of carving out his eyes. He then requests to be hidden far away from Thebes. Clearly, Oedipus was nothing but a weak man trying to believe that he was born a courageous king. This false identity ultimately led to his disgrace.

4. In the beginning of the film, John Anderton believes he can control destiny. He is completely confident that the pre-cogs can predict crimes and that it is his job to stop them. But when one day it is predicted that John will kill, he is shocked and has trouble believing it. This is similar to when Oedipus could not accept that he was destined to kill his father. John goes on a journey to try and prove his innocence and hopes to find that pre-crime could have made a mistake. The scene where Anderton decides not to shoot Crow is very important because in that moment he fully realizes that destiny cannot be controlled and that pre-crime is not valid. Oedipus also faces the fact that destiny cannot be controlled when the curse catches up to him.

5. Eyes are very important in the movie because they control everything. The pre-cogs have visions of the future that plays a huge role in the success of pre-crime. John Anderton has to undergo eye replacement in order to prevent being tracked. Eyes and visions have complete control over the destiny of others. They change the world in this movie because it creates a false reality that these people of the future live in.

6. Some of the technology we use today is very similar to what was created in the movie. In the film pre-crime was very new and controversial, just like much of the technology in society today. We already are very reliant on our technology and I can imagine that it will only get worse in 44 years. The everyday need of technology determines our future immensely because with constant demand comes new supply.